Welcome to Oregon’s Only. The unconventional nutrient company.

We are gardeners, farmers, and hobbyists–searching the industry for the most effective and healthiest methods of producing high-quality fruits and vegetables. Like many gardeners, we are tired of the marketing and overwhelming advertising pushes that companies use to promote products that are not worth the bottles that they are in. We target the end users that have the need and the drive to search for the products that will deliver the desired effect that the gardener is striving for.

What we look for in a gardener.

It takes a gardener with the special passion and desire to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables to use this line of nutrients. Nectar For the Gods will never claim the highest yielding plants, the tallest plants etc. etc. But we can tell you that the flavors and the colors and the overall quality will be noticeably better. So if you’re ready to break off from the average gardener’s mentality, and you want to impress your friends with your mad gardening skills, give Nectar for the Gods a shot.